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I’m really pleased to say that most of the changes mentioned in my last post have now taken place, the bar has a new floor and the new beers are in place with ‘Peroni‘ taking pride of place on the new T-bar.  There are still some more things to do and David will be developing the Gin and cocktail  range over the next few months. As part of that I’m excited to announce that we will be holding a competition to design a cocktail that can proudly bear the name 'Pink Flamingo'. If you want to take part in this competition please submit your recipe and directions to David by the 1st May, preferably with a picture of the finished product.  At the Dinner and Disco night on the 25th May all of the submitted entries will be available for customers to purchase, taste and vote for.


Many of you will have seen that Richie has managed to include my name on the menu with the Chicken Theodora, ‘Teddie’,  and this has also made it on to the new Summer menu that will launch on Wednesday 3rd April.  David has now challenged him to include Badger and Buttons names’ on future menu items so watch and see what transpires.


The Terrace, on the School Lane frontage, has now been cleared and is open for you to enjoy the sunshine on during the days and summer evenings, please feel free to make use of it, but remember that this is a no smoking outside area. because of its position near the kitchen.


Over the next few weeks there will be a couple of anomalies in our opening hours, because of a house move we will be closed from Monday 8th through to Wednesday 10th April and will re-open at 12 noon on Thursday 11th April.  We will also be open right across the Easter weekend and on St George’s Day on Tuesday 23rd April and so we will be closed on Wednesday 24th April for a little down time before re-opening again on Thursday 25th April at 12 noon.


Over the last four months we have made many friends here in Raithby, probably me more than anyone else, and we want to say a big thank you to you all for your kind words of support as we settle into this new lifestyle, they are much appreciated.



The Landlady


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