Snoring landlady

The last couple of weeks have continued to be busy and extremely good fun but I am constantly so exhausted, running around greeting everyone, waiting to be given treats from customers etc that I keep having to have a nap and every time I have a nap the customers start laughing because they say I snore loudly but I don’t think I do, so you’ll have to come and judge for yourselves.


My boys are still working really hard serving lots of people and ensuring that everything is to the customers liking.  This week we have started advertising our Chinese evening for the Chinese New Year and the Six Nations Rugby tournament which we will be showing live in the pub.


Badger and Buttons, my shy ‘brother’ cats, say hello to everyone too and I have attached a picture so that you all know them when yous see them.

Have a great week and we’ll all see you soon at The Red Lion Inn

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